A Student While Observing an Embryo of a Pea Seed in the Laboratory Listed Various Parts of the Embryo as Given Below - Science

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A student while observing an embryo of a pea seed in the laboratory listed various parts of the embryo as given below:

Testa, Tegmen, Radicle, Plumule, Micropyle, Cotyledon.

On examining the list the teacher remarked that only three parts are correct. Select three correct parts from the above list:

(a) Testa, Radicle, Cotyleddon

(b) Tegmen, Radicle, Micropyle

(c) Cotyledon, Plumule, Testa

(d) Radicle, Cotyledon, Plumule

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(d) A dicot embryo consists of radicle, plumule and a pair of cotyledons. Testa, tegmen and micropyle are the parts of the seed coat.


Concept: Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants
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2015-2016 (March) All India Set 3

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