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A Student Was Asked by His Teacher to Find the Image Distance for Various Object Distance in Case of a Given Convex Lens. - Science

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A student was asked by his teacher to find the image distance for various object distance in case of a given convex lens. He performed the experiment with all precautions and noted down his observations in the following table:

S. No.

Object distance


Image distance


1 60 15
2 48 16
3 36 21
4 24 24
5 18 36
6 16 48

After checking the observations table the teacher pointed out that there is a mistake in recording the image distance in one of the observations. Find the serial number of the observations having faulty image distance.

(A) 2

(B) 3

(C) 5

(D) 6

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Observation no. 3 is incorrect because the focal length of the lens in all other observations is 12 cm. In observation no. 3, the focal length comes out to be 13.26 cm.

Hence, the correct option is B.

Concept: Magnification Due to Spherical Lenses
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