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A Student Wants to Study a Decomposition Reaction by Taking Ferrous Sulphate Crystals. Write Two Precautions He Must Observe While Performing the Experiment. - Science

Answer in Brief

A student wants to study a decomposition reaction by taking ferrous sulphate crystals. Write two precautions he must observe while performing the experiment. 

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Precautions for the decomposition reaction of reffous sulphate crystals.

\[\ce{\underset{\text{(Light Green)Feffous sulphate crystals}}{FeSO4.7H2O} ->[\Delta] \underset{\text{(white)Anhydrous ferrous sulphage}}{FeSO4} ->[\Delta] \underset{\text{(Brown)Ferric Oxide}}{Fe2O3} + SO2 + SO3}\]

(1) The mouth of the boiling tube should not be at pointed. 

(2) Waft gases are emitted from FeSO4 on heating . The gases SO2 and SO3 are very harmful , so deep breath should not be taken when smelling the odour of the gases . 

(3) Test tube holder must be used while heating the test tube. 

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