A Student is Unable to See Clearly the Words Written on the Blackboard Placed at a Distance of Approximately 4 m from Him. Name the D - Science

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A student is unable to see clearly the words written on the blackboard placed at a distance of approximately 4 m from him. Name the defect of vision the boy is suffering from. Explain the method of correcting this defect.

Draw ray diagram for the:-

(i) defect of vision and also

(ii) for its correction.

A student has difficulty reading the blackboard while sitting in the last row. What could be the defect the child is suffering from? How can it be corrected?

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As the student is not able to clearly see the words written on the blackboard that is at a distance of approximately 4 m from him, the student is suffering from the defect called myopia or near-sightedness. A myopic eye has its far point nearer than infinity. It forms the image of a distant object in front of its retina. To correct a myopic eye, concave lens of a suitable focal length is used. The image is allowed to form at the retina by using a concave lens of suitable power.

(i) A myopic eye

(ii) Correction of myopia using concave lens

Concept: Eye Defect and Its Correction: Myopia Or Near-sightedness
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