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A Student is Unable to See Clearly the Words Written on the Black Board Placed at a Distance of Approximately 3 M from Him. Name the Defect of Vision the Boy is Suffering From. State the Possible Causes of this Defect and Explain the Method of Correcting It. - Science

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A student is unable to see clearly the words written on the black board placed at a distance of approximately 3 m from him. Name the defect of vision the boy is suffering from. State the possible causes of this defect and explain the method of correcting it.

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The boy is suffering from nearsightedness i.e. Myopia. The possible causes for this defect are Elongation of the eyeball.

Excessive curvature of the eye lens

This defect can be corrected by placing a concave lens in front of the eye.

Concept: Eye Defect and Its Correction: Myopia Or Near-sightedness
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