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A Spherical Capacitor Consists of Two Concentric Spherical Conductors, Held in Position by Suitable Insulating Supports - Physics

A spherical capacitor consists of two concentric spherical conductors, held in position by suitable insulating supports (Fig. 2.36). Show

what the capacitance of a spherical capacitor is given by


where r1 and r2 are the radii of outer and inner spheres, respectively.

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Radius of the outer shell = r1

Radius of the inner shell = r2

The inner surface of the outer shell has charge +Q.

The outer surface of the inner shell has induced charge −Q.

Potential difference between the two shells is given by,



`in_0` = Permittivity of free space



Capacitance of the given system is given by

`C="Charge(Q)"/"Potenstial difference(V)"`


Hence, proved.

Concept: Capacitors and Capacitance
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NCERT Class 12 Physics Textbook
Chapter 2 Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance
Q 29 | Page 90
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