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A Sonar Device on a Submarine Sends Out a Signal and Receives an Echo 5 S Later. Calculate the Speed of Sound in Water If the Distance of the Object from the Submarine is 3625 M. - Science

A sonar device on a submarine sends out a signal and receives an echo 5 s later. Calculate the speed of sound in water if the distance of the object from the submarine is 3625 m.

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Time taken to hear the echo, t = 5 s

Distance of the object from the submarine, d = 3625 m

Total distance travelled by the sonar waves during the transmission and reception in water = 2d

Velocity of sound in water, `"v"=(2d)/t=(2xx3625)/5=1450" ms"^-1`

Concept: SONAR
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NCERT Class 9 Science Textbook
Chapter 12 Sound
Q 20 | Page 175
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