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A Solid Cylinder Has a Total Surface Area of 231 Cm2. Its Curved Surface Area is 2 3 of the Total Surface Area. Find the Volume of the Cylinder. - Mathematics


A solid cylinder has a total surface area of 231 cm2. Its curved surface area is \[\frac{2}{3}\] of the total surface area. Find the volume of the cylinder.

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We know that the total surface area of the cylinder is 231 cm2 and the curved surface area is 2/3 of the total surface area.
So, the curved surface area is:
2/3 x (231 cm2) = 154 cm2
Then, the radius of the cylinder can be calculated in the following manner:
Curved surface area = 2πrh
​154 cm2 = 2πrh         ... (1)
Here, r  cm is the radius of the cylinder and h cm is the length of the cylinder.
2πr2 = (231-154) cm2 = 77 cm2
77 cm2 = 2π​r2
From here, the radius (r) can be calculated in the following manner:

\[r = \sqrt{\frac{77}{2 \times \frac{22}{7}}}\]
r = 3.5 cm
Substituting this result into equation (1):
154 cm2 = 2π(3.5 cm)h
h= 154 cm2 / (2x `22/7`x (3.5cm))
h = 7 cm
∴ V = π​r2h = \[\frac{22}{7}\]x (3.5 cm)2 x (7 cm) = 269.5 cm3
Hence, the volume of the cylinder is 269.5 cm3.
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RD Sharma Class 8 Maths
Chapter 22 Mensuration - III (Surface Area and Volume of a Right Circular Cylinder)
Exercise 22.2 | Q 36 | Page 26
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