A Solar Water Heater Cannot Be Used to Get Hot Water on - Science


A solar water heater cannot be used to get hot water on


  • a sunny day

  • a cloudy day

  • a hot day

  • a windy day



 a cloudy day

A solar water heater receives energy from the sun, but the sun does not appear on a cloudy day. Therefore, a solar water heater does not receive energy on a cloudy day and cannot heat up water.

Concept: Solar Energy
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Chapter 3: Sources of Energy - Exercise 3 [Page 141]


Lakhmir Singh Class 10 Physics (Science)
Chapter 3 Sources of Energy
Exercise 3 | Q 29 | Page 141
NCERT Science Class 10
Chapter 14 Sources of Energy
Exercises | Q 1 | Page 254

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Explain why, a plane mirror reflector is used in a box-type solar cooker.

 What is a solar cell? Draw the labelled diagram of a solar cell. 

 Write the uses of solar cells. 

State the advantages and disadvantages of using solar cells.

Why is the solar cooker box covered with a glass sheet?

The part of box-type solar cooker which is responsible for producing greenhouse effect is:

(a) plane mirror reflector
(b) black coating inside the box
(c) glass sheet cover
(d) utensils placed in the cooker box

The radiations present in sunlight which make a solar cooker work are:

(a) visible light rays
(b) ultraviolet rays
(c) comic rays
(d) infrared rays

In a solar water heater, why is the storage tank placed at a higher lever than the solar panel containing coils?

Name one source of energy which is not derived from solar energy directly of indirectly.

Which of the following is used in solar cooker to harvest the solar energy?
a) Solar panels
b) Silicon cell
c) Mirrors
d) Glass lid

Observe the connections of cells shown in the following images.
i. Which connection will give maximum potential difference?
ii. Give one advantage and one disadvantage of this energy.

Draw neat and labelled diagram.

One solar panel produces a potential difference of 18 V and current of 3 A. Describe how you can obtain a potential difference of 72 Volts and current of 9 A with a solar array using solar panels. You can use sign of a battery for a solar panel. 

Write short note on Electrical energy generation and environment. 

Re-write the statement by selecting the appropriate option.
The solar lamp uses the ................... energy.

Which of the following solar radiations pass through the atmosphere of Earth: X -rays, ultraviolet rays, visible light rays or infrared radiation?

What are the major utilizers of solar energy in the world?

Make a table based on forms of energy and corresponding devices:

  Forms of Energy Devices
a. Electric _________
b. Mechanical Sewing machine, Bicycle
c. Thermal __________
d. _________ Solar cooker, Solar heater

Solar photovoltaic cells convert the solar radiation energy directly into _________ energy.

A silicon solar cell of dimension 1 sq.cm. generates a current of about ___________.

A silicon solar cell of dimension 1 sq.cm. generates __________ potential difference.

Find an odd one out.

Power available from solar cells : DC : : power require to run domestic equipments : _________

The power produced from solar cells is a DC.

The potential difference available from a solar cell depends on its area.

Solar reflectors are important, why?

State the importance of inverters.

Give scientific reason.

Hydropower, solar energy and wind energy are called renewable energy.

Distinguish between the following.

Electricity generation from solar cells and solar thermal power generation

Complete the following flow chart.

Complete the table.

Limitations of Solar energy Limitations of Wind energy

Solar energy is a non depleting energy. Justify.

Solar energy is a renewable energy. How?

Which one of the following forms of energy leads to least environmental pollution in the process of its harnessing and utilisation?

______ is not harmful to the environment.

Kamuthi solar power project is situated in ______ district in Tamil Nadu.

______ is considered as a great source of energy.

The installed capacity of the Kamuthi solar power project is ______ MW.

Write a note on Kamuthi Solar Project.

Observe the figure and label it properly:

  1. What is the figure related to?
  2. Why are reflectors used?
  3. Draw a flow chart showing different stages in such a process.
  4. How is the process used to generate electricity?
  5. What other method can be used to generate electricity using the same energy source?


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