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A Small Pin Fixed on a Table Top is Viewed from Above from a Distance of 50 Cm. by What Distance Would the Pin Appear to Be Raised If It is Viewed from the Same Point Through a 15 Cm Thick Glass Slab Held Parallel to the Table? Refractive Index of Glass = 1.5. Does the Answer Depend on the Location of the Slab? - Physics

A small pin fixed on a table top is viewed from above from a distance of 50 cm. By what distance would the pin appear to be raised if it is viewed from the same point through a 15 cm thick glass slab held parallel to the table? Refractive index of glass = 1.5. Does the answer depend on the location of the slab?

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Actual depth of the pin, d = 15 cm

Apparent dept of the pin = d'

Refractive index of glass, `mu= 1.5`

Ratio of actual depth to the apparent depth is equal to the refractive index of glass, i.e.

`mu = d/d'`

`:. d' = d/mu`

`= 15/1.5 = 10 cm`

The distance at which the pin appears to be raised = d' - d

= 15 - 10 = 5 cm

For a small angle of incidence, this distance does not depend upon the location of the slab.

Concept: Refraction
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NCERT Class 12 Physics Textbook
Chapter 9 Ray Optics and Optical Instruments
Q 16 | Page 347
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