A Single Phase Transformer Has 1000 Turns on the Primary and 200 Turns on the Secondary. the No Load Current is 3a - Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering

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A single phase transformer has 1000 turns on the primary and 200 turns on the secondary. The no load current is 3A at a power factor of 0.2 lag and the secondary current is 280A at a power factor of 0.8 lag. Neglect Rand X2 calculate (1) Magnetizing component and loss component of no load current. (2) primary current (3) input power factor .Draw phasor diagram showing all the currents.

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Therefore, `I_P=N_S/N_PxxI_S=200/1000xx280=56A`

cosπœ‘2=0.8 cosπœ‘0=0.2 sinπœ‘2=0.6 sinπœ‘0=0.98
solve for horizontal and vertical components
𝐼1π‘π‘œπ‘ πœ‘1=𝐼2π‘π‘œπ‘ πœ‘2+𝐼0π‘π‘œπ‘ πœ‘0 =(56×0.8)+(3×0.2)=45.4𝐴
𝐼1π‘ π‘–π‘›πœ‘1=𝐼2π‘ π‘–π‘›πœ‘2+𝐼0π‘ π‘–π‘›πœ‘0 =(56×0.6)+(3×0.98) = 36.54A

tanπœ‘1 `(36.54)/(45.4)`= 0.805

Power factor cosπ‹πŸ=π’„π’π’”πŸ‘πŸ–°=𝟎.πŸ•πŸ– lagging.

Concept: Construction of Single Phase Transformer
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