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A Shop-keeper Buys an Article for Rs.450. He Marks It at 20% Above the Cost Price. Find : (I) the Marked Price of the Article. (Ii) the Selling Price, If He Sells the Articles at 10 per - Mathematics

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A shop-keeper buys an article for Rs.450. He marks it at 20% above the cost price. Find :
(i) the marked price of the article.
(ii) the selling price, if he sells the articles at 10 percent discount.
(iii) the percentage discount given by him, if he sells the article for Rs.496.80

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C.P. of the article = Rs.450

(i) The marked price of the article


= Rs.`120/100xx450` = 12 × 45 = Rs.540

∴ Marked price of the article = Rs.540

(ii) Discount `=10/100xx"M.P."`


= Rs.54

S.P. = M.P. − Discount

= Rs.540 − Rs.54

= Rs.486

(iii) S.P. = Rs.496.80

M.P. = Rs.540

Discount = M.P. − S.P.

= Rs.540 − Rs.496.80

= Rs.43.20

Discount% =`"Discount"/"M.P."xx100`



= 8%

Concept: Concept of Discount
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Selina Concise Mathematics Class 8 ICSE
Chapter 8 Profit, Loss and Discount
Exercise 8 (D) | Q 5 | Page 98
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