A’S Income is 25% More than B’S. Find, B’S Income is How Much Percent Less than A’S. - Mathematics

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A’s income is 25% more than B’s. Find, B’s income is how much percent less than A’s.

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Let B's income = Rs.100
then A's income = 100 + 25
= Rs.125
Now, difference of income of A and B
= Rs.(125 - 100)
= Rs.25
If A's income is Rs.125, then B's income less than A = Rs.25
If A's income is Rs1, the B's income less than A
= Rs.`(25)/(125)`
If A's income is rs.100, then B's income less than A 
= Rs. `(25/125 xx 100)`

= `(1)/(5) xx 100`
= Rs.20
∴ B's income is less than A's income = 20%

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Selina Concise Mathematics Class 8 ICSE
Chapter 7 Percent and Percentage
Exercise 7 (B) | Q 5 | Page 86
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