A Resistance of 100 Ohms and Inductance of 0.5 Henries Are Connected in Series with a Battery of 20 Volts. Find the Current at Any Instant If the Relation Between L,R,E is L D I D T + R I = E - Applied Mathematics 2

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A resistance of 100 ohms and inductance of 0.5 henries are connected in series With a battery of 20 volts. Find the current at any instant if the relation between L,R,E is L `(di)/(dt)+Ri=E.`

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`therefore (di)/(dt)+(Ri)/L=E/L`

Solution is given by ,



At t = 0, i = 0 `thereforec=E/R`

`therefore "i".e^((Rt)/L)=(Ee^((Rt)/L))/R+(-E)/R`

`therefore "i" = E/R(1-e^(-(Rt)/L))`

For given condition R = 100, L = 0.5, E = 20

`therefore i=0.2(1-e^(-200t))`

Concept: Linear Differential Equation with Constant Coefficient‐ Complementary Function
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