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A Reporter Covers the Event of the Assassination of Julius Caesar in the Senate. Giving Graphic Details and a Catchy Headline, Write the Newspaper Report in About 200 Words. - English Core

Answer in Brief

A reporter covers the event of the assassination of Julius Caesar in the senate. Giving graphic details and a catchy headline, write the newspaper report in about 200 words.

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                                                        The Mighty Caesar Falls

I witnessed the brutal and cold-Blooded murder of Caesar by his great friend Brutus and other conspirators that included the honourable Cassius as well.

It came as a shock when Caesar was caught unawares and attacked by sword repeatedly by Cassius, Brutus and other conspirators. The blood of the bold and courageous general was there for all to see. Such a valiant general who brought laurels to Rome was brutally murdered. These men were jealous of his fame and popularity. Antony who loved Caesar took his body to the public place where all the people of Rome could see it.

Brutus was the first one to address the people. He justified the murder saying that Caesar had become too ambitious and that prompted them to take such a step. He said that he loved Caesar but loved his country more than Caesar. The people of Rome were convinced with what he said. Then came Antony who drew the attention of the people to the valiant Caesar and what all he had done for his country and countrymen. He told them that Caesar had bequeathed his will to the people of Rome. It is then that people understood the wrong done by the conspirators. They decided to avenge the killing of Caesar.

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CBSE Class 10 English Course Communicative: Literature Reader
Chapter 13 Julius Caesar
Q 13 | Page 181
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