A Ready-made Garments Shop in Delhi, Allows a 20 Percent Discount on Its Garments and Still Makes a Profit of 20 Percent. Find the Marked Price of a Dress Which is Bought by the Shop - Mathematics

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A ready-made garments shop in Delhi, allows a 20 percent discount on its garments and still makes a profit of 20 percent. Find the marked price of a dress which is bought by the shop-keeper for Rs.400.

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C.P. of the dress = Rs.400

Profit `=20/100xx"Rs."400`  = Rs.80

S.P. = C.P. + Profit

= Rs.400 + Rs.80

= Rs.480

Let, M.P. of the dress = Rs.100

Discount @ 20% `=20/100xx"Rs."100` = Rs.20

S.P. of the dress = M.P. − Discount

= Rs.100 − Rs.20

= Rs.80

If S.P. of the dress is ₹80; then M.P. = ₹100

If S.P. of the dress is ₹1 then M.P. = `₹100/80`

If S.P. of the dress is ₹480 then M.P.

`= ₹100/80xx480`

= ₹100 × 6 = 600

∴ M.P. of the dress = ₹600

Concept: Concept of Discount
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Selina Concise Mathematics Class 8 ICSE
Chapter 8 Profit, Loss and Discount
Exercise 8 (D) | Q 10 | Page 98
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