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A Reaction, a + B → C + D + Q Is Found to Have a Positive Entropy Change. the Reaction Will Be - Chemistry

A reaction, A + B → C + D + q is found to have a positive entropy change. The reaction will be

(i) possible at high temperature

(ii) possible only at low temperature

(iii) not possible at any temperature

(iv) possible at any temperature

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For a reaction to be spontaneous, ΔG should be negative.


According to the question, for the given reaction,

ΔS = positive

ΔH = negative (since heat is evolved)

⇒ ΔG = negative

Therefore, the reaction is spontaneous at any temperature.

Hence, alternative (iv) is correct.

Concept: Spontaneity - Entropy and Spontaneity
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NCERT Class 11 Chemistry Textbook
Chapter 6 Thermodynamics
Q 6 | Page 182
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