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A Ray PQ Incident on the Refracting Face BA is Refracted in the Prism BAC as Shown in the Figure and Emerges from the Other Refracting Face AC as RS Such that AQ = AR. - Physics

A ray PQ incident on the refracting face BA is refracted in the prism BAC as shown in the figure and emerges from the other refracting face AC as RS such that AQ = AR. If the angle of prism A = 60° and refractive index of material of prism is `sqrt3 `. Calculate angle θ.

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The angle of the prism is A = 60°. It is also given that AQ = AR. Therefore, the angles opposite to these two sides are also equal.


Now, for a triangle

∠A + ∠AQR + ∠ARQ = 180°

∴ ∠AQR = ∠ARQ = 60°

∴ r1=r2 = 30°  (∠AQO = ∠ARO = 90°)

∴ r1 + r2 = 60°

When r1 and r2 are equal, we have i = e. Now, according to Snell’s law,


`:.sini=musinr_1=sqrt3 sin30 =sqrt3/2`

∴ i = 60°

Now, the angle of deviation θ is

θ = i + e - A

∴ θ = 60 + 60 -60

∴  θ = 60°

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