A race track is in the form of a ring whose inner circumference is 352 m, and the outer circumference is 396 m. Find the width of the track. - Mathematics

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A wire is looped in the form of a circle of radius 28 cm. It is re-bent into a square form. Determine the length of the side of the square.

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We have,
Length of the wire = Circumference of the circle

Length of the wire = ` 2 × \frac { 22 }{ 7 } × 28 cm [`

Length of the wire = 176 cm ….(i)

Let the side of the square be x cm. Then,

Perimeter of the square = Length of the wire

⇒ 4x = 176 [Using (i)]

⇒ x = 44 cm

Hence, the length of the sides of the square is 44 cm.

Concept: Circumference of a Circle
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