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A process where managers instruct, guide, and communicate with employees.



Directing function of Management.

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2018-2019 (February) Set 1


Planning is ___________ function. 

Define 'Planning'.

Answer the following question.
Explain any four features of co-ordination.

Isha Machines was a renowned name for quality sewing machines since 1960. Mr Suresh, the owner of Isha Machines, was worried as the production had declined during the last three months. He directed the Production Manager to find out the reason. The Production Manager ordered the different supervisors to prepare a performance report of the workers working under them.

Identify the step taken by the Production Manager that is related to one of the functions of management.

Write only ‘one’ word or phrase or term which can substitute the following statement:

An end function where the performance is evaluated in accordance with the plan.

Write short note  on the following:

Importance of co-ordinating.

Statement with reasons whether the following statement is True or False

Lok Adalat can rightly be described as "people's court".

                 Match the correct pairs:

Sr.No Group 'A' Sr.No Group 'B'
1 Private company a One man one boss
2 Principle of unity of command b Basic function
3 Planning c 12 hours service
4 A TM d Maximum 50 members
5 Road transport e One man many bosses
    f 24 hours service
    g The cheapest mearis of transport
    h Unlimited members
    i End function
    j The costliest means of transport

State the Importance of Planning ?

Write short notes

Importance of organising.



A management function directly related to human resources.

Planning and Staffing. Distinguish between HSC OCM.

 Dr. Deming developed the concept of _________ 

An art of getting things done through others

The first and basic function of management

 Professional Management and Event Management.

 Professional Managers are highly educated.

Identify and state the force that binds all the other functions
of management. 

List any two indicators of growth of an organisation . 

Ritu is the manager of the northern division of a large corporate  house. At what level does she work in the organisation? What are her basic functions?

“A successful enterprise has to achieve its goals effectively and efficiently.” Explain. 

Match the correct pairs :

  Group 'A'   Group 'B'
a Planning 1 Individual Taste.
b Organising 2 Directly related to Human Beings.
c Staffing 3 Bridges the gap between where we are now
and where we want to go.
d Directing 4 All the people are employed
e Controlling 5 Not directly related to Human Beings
    6 Identify and Grouping the work to be
    7 Corrective Action taking.
    8 Right People at Right Jobs.
    9 Taking action against employees.
    10 Aims only at organizational Goals.

Write a word or a phrase or a term which can substitute the following :
An orderly arrangement of group efforts to provide unity of action to achieve common goals.

Answer the following Question:
What do you mean by Staffing and give its importance?

State with reasons whether the following statement is TRUE or FALSE

Functions of management has no role to play in success or failure of an organization.

Planning is beneficial to all. In light of this statement, discuss the importance of planning.

Write a short note on : Directing

State Whether the Following Statement Is True Or False (Give Reason).

The direction is connecting and activating links between various functions of management.


State Whether the Following Statement Is True Or False (Give Reason).

Planning and controlling are mutually interdependent.

Answer the following question.
Vinber Ltd. set up a manufacturing unit at Bhiwadi in Himachal Pradesh to manufacture electric geysers and supply them to dealers all over the country. Their production target was 500 geysers per week. It was decided by the management that variation in production up to 10 units would be acceptable. At the end of the first week, the production was 450 geysers. The next week, production increased to 470 geysers. A week later, production was 460 geysers. On investigation, it was found that fluctuation in production was due to the irregular supply of electricity.

(a) The above para discusses some of the steps in the process of one of the functions of management. Explain these steps.
(b) Also, state the step(s) that have not been discussed in the above para.

What is meant by co-ordination? State its any four features.

Which is not a separate function of management out of the following?

A good manager synchronises all the activities of different departments through the process ______.

Planning is concerned with especially ______.

Which one of the following sequence of process of management is correct?

“Grouping similar nature jobs into larger units called departments” is the step in the process of one of the functions of management. Identify the function of management.

Read the following text and answer the following question on the basis of the same:

Sana is the branch manager of ABC Handicrafts Pvt. Ltd. The company’s objective is to promote the sales of Indian handloom and handicraft products. It sells fabrics, furnishings, ready-mades and household items are made out of traditional Indian fabrics.

Sana decides quantities, variety, colour and texture of all the above items and then allocates resources for their purchase form different suppliers. She appoints a team of designers and crafts people in the company, who developed some prints for bed covers in bright colour on silk. Although the products looked very attractive and impressive, they were relatively expensive on the front of affordability for an average customer.

Sana suggested that they should keep the silk bed covers for special festive occasions and offer the cotton bed covers on a regular basis to keep costs under control.

“She appoints a team of designers and crafts people in the company, who developed some prints for bed covers in bright colour on silk.”
Which function of management is highlighted in this context?

Tarang Enterprises Limited is planning to increase its sales by 30% in the next quarter. Identify the feature of management being highlighted in the given statement.

Which of the following is a function of top level management?

______  is the primary function which runs through all other functions?

An effort to control everything may end up in controlling nothing is related to

Which of the following is an objective of standardization?

Management is a/an ______ process as it is an ongoing and never-ending process. 

Name the function of management which helps in the formulation of future plans, in the light of the problems that were identified and thus, helps in better planning in the future period.

'It is that function of management which is considered as the base of all other functions.' Identify the function of management stated in the above lines.

______ is the process of converting encoded symbols of the sender.

"Management is a force that cannot be seen but its presence can be felt in the way the organisation functions."

Which feature has been explained in this statement of Management?

Radha started a home cooked food delivery Dabba service. Her mother, who is a great cook, decided to help her. They relied on friends and family for orders and then on word of mouth. As a step in the process of ensuring that activities are performed as per her plan of supplying healthy, good quality, reasonable food and earning profit, she decided to keep both qualitative and quantitative benchmarks towards which she would strive to work. A function of management is being discussed above. An important characteristic of this function of management is:

'The final step in the controlling process is taking corrective action, but when deviations are within acceptable limits no corrective action is required.'

When and why corrective action is required? State.

Asha is living in a small village in Rajasthan. Her mother has good culinary skills. Inspired by her mother she joined a course in 'Food and Beverages Production' in Jaipur. After completing her course she asked her mother to open a sweets shop in Jaipur, to which her mother agreed. The business was doing well and had started growing. To expand her business she felt the need for additional personnel. Instead of selecting personnel from any other source she thought of helping her relatives and appointed five of them. But after doing all their efforts she found that none of her relatives were providing satisfactory service leading to lower productivity. Also, the quality of the products started deteriorating.

This made Asha realize that the ability of an organisation to achieve its goals depends upon the quality of its human resources. This was ignored by her at the time of selecting the personnel for her expansion of the program.

  1. Identify and state the function of management which could have helped Asha at the time of fulfilling her need for additional personnel in the organisation.
  2. State any three benefits of the function identified in (a) above.

The Government of India in its budget for the financial year of 2021-22 reiterated its support for Electric Vehicle sector. The Government launched several schemes and incentives to boost their demand as well as to motivate manufacturers to invest in the same. Inspired by these incentives and concerned about the environmental impact of gas and diesel- powered engines, Nitin Kothari has set up an electric car manufacturing unit at Bhilwara, He set a target of earning Return on Investment of 10% in the first year itself and forecasted that the demand for electric cars will increase by 20 million in the next few years.

The above case highlights the first two steps of the process of one of the important functions of management.

  1. Identify the function of management discussed above.
  2. State the remaining steps required to complete the above process.

Directing is the heart of the management process. Give any four reasons to support this statement.


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