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(A) Prepare a Speech You Wish to Give on the Farewell Day Function of Your School. - English

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(a) Prepare a speech you wish to give on the farewell Day function of your school.


You wish to open an account in SBI In your area. Write a dialogue between you and the Bank Manager.

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A very good morning to you all! Today, as I stand here in front you, I am overwhelmed by a multitude of emotions. Going back to our first day of school, we all felt upset to be away from the security of our family. Today, we feel the same emotion—a sense of sadness to part from our extended family of friends, classmates and teachers. I want to thank our Principal for skippering the school in the right direction and for instilling discipline in us; our teachers for enriching us with knowledge and for moulding our nimble minds; our friends for their unwavering support and love; and last but not the least, our non-teaching staff for all the assistance they provided us over the years.
On this monumental occasion, we take a big step into the world outside. We are now at the threshold of adulthood. I am grateful that each of you has been instrumental in contributing to our growth, both intellectual and personal. I truly hope that one day, each of us can inspire others the way you have inspired us. Wishing everyone all the very best for the future.


Me: Good morning. May I come in?

Bank Manager: Good morning. Please come in. How may I help you?

Me: I wish to open an account with SBI. Can you please guide me?

Bank Manager: Sure. The procedure is very simple. Submit a copy of your address proof, your PAN card, a photo id and two passport-sized photographs. After which you need to fill up a form. If you are tech-savvy, you could also open an account online.

Me: No sir, I do not trust my computer skills.

Bank Manager: Okay, I will send the clerk to get you a form.

Me: What is the minimum amount of money required to open a bank account?

Bank Manager: The minimum amount is Rs 1000. This amount has to be maintained throughout.

Me: What are the other facilities that I would be provided if I open an account?

Bank Manager: Apart from your cheque book, SBI will provide you with an ATM/debit card and internet banking and phone banking facilities.

Me: Thanks a lot! You have really simplified the procedure for me.

Bank Manager: The pleasure is entirely mine.

Concept: Speech Writing
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