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A Potted Plant Having Straight Parts a and B Was Placed Horizontally on Its Side as Shown in Figure (I). After a Few Days It Was Observed that the Parts a and B of the Plant Acquire New Positions as Shown in Figure (Ii). (A) Name the Phenomenon Exhibited by the Position of Plant Parts a and B in Figure (Ii) (B) Name the Stimulus (Other than Sunlight) Which Causes Plant Part a to Grow and Bend Upwards, and Plant Part B to Bend Downwards. - Science

A potted plant having straight parts A and B was placed horizontally on its side as shown in figure (i). After a few days it was observed that the parts A and B of the plant acquire new positions as shown in Figure (ii).
(a) Name the phenomenon exhibited by the position of plant parts A and B in Figure (ii)
(b) Name the stimulus (other than sunlight) which causes plant part A to grow and bend upwards, and plant part B to bend downwards.

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(a) The phenomenon exhibited by the positions of plant parts A and B is geotropism.
(b) The stimulus which causes plant part A to grow and bend upwards and part B to bend downwards is gravity.

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Lakhmir Singh Class 10 Biology (Science)
Chapter 2 Control and Coordination
Q 76 | Page 97
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