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A Point R With X-coordinate 4 Lies on the Line Segment Joining the Pointsp (2, –3, 4) and Q (8, 0, 10). Find the Coordinates of the Point R. - Mathematics

A point R with x-coordinate 4 lies on the line segment joining the pointsP (2, –3, 4) and Q (8, 0, 10). Find the coordinates of the point R.

[Hint suppose R divides PQ in the ratio k: 1. The coordinates of the point R are given by `((8k + 2)/(k+1), (-3)/(k+1), (10k + 4)/(k+1))`

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The coordinates of points P and Q are given as P (2, –3, 4) and Q (8, 0, 10).

Let R divide line segment PQ in the ratio k:1.

Hence, by section formula, the coordinates of point R are given by

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NCERT Class 11 Mathematics Textbook
Chapter 12 Introduction to Three Dimensional Geometry
Q 5 | Page 279
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