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A Playground Has the Shape of Rectangle, with Two Semicircles on Its Smaller Sides as Diameters, Added to Its Outside. If the Sides of Rectangle Are 36m and 24.5m. Find the Area of Playground. - Mathematics


A playground has the shape of rectangle, with two semicircles on its smaller sides as diameters, added to its outside. If the sides of rectangle are 36m and 24.5m. find the area of playground.

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Let rectangular play area be ABCD

AB = CD = 36m [length]

AD = BC = 24.5 m [breadth]

Radius of the semicircle =`1/2`(𝐵𝐶) = 𝑅

=`1/2`× (24.5) = 12.25𝑐𝑚

Area of playground = (Area of rectangle) + 2(Area of semicircle)

= (𝐴𝐵 × 𝐵𝐶) +` (1/2pir^2) 2`

= (36 × 24.5) +` (1/2×22/7× 12.25 × 12.25) 2`

= 882 + 471.625

= 1353.625 𝑚2



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RD Sharma Class 10 Maths
Chapter 13 Areas Related to Circles
Q 2
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