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A Planaria Worm is Cut Horizontally in the Middle into Two Halves P and Q Such that the Part P Contains the Whole Head of the Worm. Another Planaria Worm is Cut Vertically into Two Halves R and S in Such a Way that Both the Cut Pieces R and S Contain Half Head Each. Which of the Cut Pieces of the Two Planaria Worms Could Regenerate to Form the Complete Respective Worms? (A) Only P (B) Only R and S (C) P, R and S (D) P, Q, R and S - Science

APlanaria worm is cut horizontally in the middle into two halves P and Q such that the part P contains the whole head of the worm. Another Planaria worm is cut vertically into two halves R and s in such a way that both the cut pieces R and S contain half head each. Which of the cut pieces of the twoPlanaria worms could regenerate to form the complete respective worms?
(a) only P
(b) only R and S
(c) P, R and S
(d) P, Q, R and S

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(d) P, Q, R and S
In Planariaeach body piece can regenerate into a full, new organism.

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Lakhmir Singh Class 10 Biology (Science)
Chapter 3 How do Organisms Reproduce?
Q 79 | Page 145
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