A Pipe Which is Open at Both Ends is 47 cm Long and Has an Inner Diameter 5 cm. If the Speed of Sound in Air is 348 m/s, Calculate the Fundamental Frequency of Air Column in that Pipe. - Physics

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A pipe which is open at both ends is 47 cm long and has an inner diameter 5 cm. If the speed of sound in air is 348 m/s, calculate the fundamental frequency of air column in that pipe.

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For open pipe, given
l = 47cm, inner diameter = 5 cm and v = 348 m/s
Fundamental frequency n = ?
`n = V/[2L] = V/[2(l + 0.6d)]`

`n = 348/[2( 0.47 + 0.6 xx 0.05)]`

`n = 348/[2( 0.47 + 0.03)]`

`n = 348/[2(0.05)]`

`n = 348 Hz`

Concept: Study of Vibrations of Air Columns
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