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A Petrol Tank is a Cylinder of Base Diameter 21 Cm and Length 18 Cm Fitted with Conical Ends Each of Axis Length 9 Cm. Determine the Capacity of the Tank. - Mathematics

A petrol tank is a cylinder of base diameter 21 cm and length 18 cm fitted with conical ends each of axis length 9 cm. Determine the capacity of the tank.

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To find the total capacity of the tank, we have to add the volume of the cylinder and cone.

Diameter of the cylinder, d = 21 cm

Radius of the cylinder, `r=d/2=21/2cm`

 Height of the cylinder, h1 = 18cm

Also, radius of cone, `r =21/2cm` 

Height of the cone, h2 = 9 cm


Total capacity of the tank= Volume of the cylinder + Volume of 2 cones





= 8316 cm3

Hence the total capacity of the tank is 8316 cm3.

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RD Sharma Class 10 Maths
Chapter 14 Surface Areas and Volumes
Exercise 14.2 | Q 9 | Page 61
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