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A Person Wants to Buy One Fountain Pen, One Ball Pen and One Pencil from a Stationery Shop. If There Are 10 Fountain Pen Varieties, 12 Ball Pen Varieties and 5 Pencil Varieties, in How Many Ways Can - Mathematics

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A person wants to buy one fountain pen, one ball pen and one pencil from a stationery shop. If there are 10 fountain pen varieties, 12 ball pen varieties and 5 pencil varieties, in how many ways can he select these articles?

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Number of fountain pen varieties = 10
Number of  ball pen varieties = 12
Number of pencil varieties = 5
Ways to select a fountain pen = 10
Ways to select a ball pen = 12
Ways to select a pencil = 5

Ways to select a fountain pen, a ball pen and a pencil = 10 \[\times\]12\[\times\] 5 = 600               

(Using the fundamental principle of multiplication)
Concept: Combination
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RD Sharma Class 11 Mathematics Textbook
Chapter 16 Permutations
Exercise 16.2 | Q 2 | Page 14

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