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A Person is Painting the Walls of His House. He Stands on a Ladder with a Bucket Containing Paint in One Hand and a Brush in the Other. Suddenly the Bucket Slips from His Hand and Falls to the Floor. - Physics


A person is painting the walls of his house. He stands on a ladder with a bucket containing paint in one hand and a brush in the other. Suddenly the bucket slips from his hand and falls to the floor. If the bucket with the paint had a mass of 6 kg and was at a height of 2 m at the time it slipped, how much gravitational potential energy was lost together with the paint?

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\[\text{ Mass of the bucket with the paint, m = 6 kg } \]

\[\text{ Height at which the bucket is placed, h = 2 m } \]

\[\text{ Potential energy of the bucket with the paint at the given height, } \]

\[\text{ P . E . = mgh } \]

\[ = 6 \times \left( 9 . 8 \right) \times 2\]

\[ = 117 . 6 J\]

\[\text{ P . E . on the floor } = 0\]

\[\text{ Loss in potential energy }  = 117 . 6 - 0\]

\[ = 117 . 6 J \approx 118 J\]

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HC Verma Class 11, 12 Concepts of Physics 1
Chapter 8 Work and Energy
Q 20 | Page 133
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