A Pea Plant with Blue Colour Flower Denoted by bb is Cross-bred with a Pea Plant with White Flower Denoted by ww - Science


A pea plant with blue colour flower denoted by BB is cross-bred with a pea plant with white flower denoted by ww.

(a) What is the expected colour of the flowers in their F1 progeny?

(b) What will be the percentage of plants bearing white flower in F2 generation, when the flowers of F1 plants were selfed?

(c) State the expected ratio of the genotype BB and Bw in the F2 progeny.



(a) The expected colour of flowers in their F1 progeny is blue.

(b) 1/4 of the F2 generation have white flowers. So, we can calculate the percentage as follows:-

1/4 × 100 = 25%

Hence, the percentage of plants bearing white flowers in F2 progeny is 25.

(c) The ratio of the genotype BB and Bw in the F2 progeny is 1 (BB) : 2 (Bw).

Concept: Heredity
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