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A Part of Monthly Hostel Charges is Fixed and the Remaining Depends on the Number of Days One Has Taken Food in the Mess. - Mathematics


Choose the most appropriate option:

A part of monthly hostel charges is fixed and the remaining depends on the number of days one has taken food in the mess. When a student A takes food for 20 days, she has to pay Rs. 1000 as hostel charges whereas a student B, who takes food for 26 days, pays Rs. 1180 as hostel charges. Find the fixed charges and the cost of food per day.


  • 200, 20

  • 400, 40

  • 300, 30

  • 400, 30

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400, 30


Let the fixed charge be Rs.x  and the cost of food per day be Rs. y.

x + 20 y = 1000 .........(i)

x + 26 y = 1180 .........(ii)

Solving equation, we get x = 400, y = 30.

Concept: Percentage, Discount and Partnership (Entrance Exam)
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