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A Part of the Early Classification of Elements Has Been Given Below: H Li Be B C N O F Na Mg Al Si P S (A) Which Law of Classification of Element is Illustrated by the Above Arrangement of Elements? (B) Name the Scientist Who Proposed Such a Classification of Elements. (C) Why is Such a Classification of Elements Compared with a Characteristics of Musical Scale? (D) State One Limitation of this Classification of Elements. - Science

A part of the early classification of elements has been given below:

H Li Be B C N O
F Na Mg Al Si P S

(a) Which law of classification of element is illustrated by the above arrangement of elements?
(b) Name the scientist who proposed such a classification of elements.
(c) Why is such a classification of elements compared with a characteristics of musical scale?
(d) State one limitation of this classification of elements.

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(a) Newlands' law of octaves is illustrated by the above arrangement of elements.

(b) John Newlands is the scientist who proposed this classification of elements.

(c) This classification is compared with a characteristic of the musical scale because the repetition of the properties of elements is just like the repetition of the eighth note in an octave of music.

(d) Limitation: Newlands' law of octaves could only be applied up to the element calcium.

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Lakhmir Singh Class 10 Chemistry (Science)
Chapter 5 Periodic Classification Of Elements
Q 50 | Page 285
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