A Number Divided by 56 Gives 29 as Remainder. If the Same Number is Divided by 8, the Remainder Will Be - Mathematics


A number divided by 56 gives 29 as the remainder. If the same number is divided by 8, the remainder will be


  • 4

  • 5

  • 6

  • 7



Let x be the number and y be the quotient.
x = 56 × y + 29
= (8 × 7y) + 8 × 3 + 5 = 8(7y + 3) + 5
∴ Required remainder = 5

Concept: Number System (Entrance Exam)
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The smallest number that should be subtracted from 2085, so that the new number is completely divisible by 23 is 

Solve the following question and mark the best possible option.
If x, y, z are positive real numbers, such that x + y + z = 25, then the maximum value of `1/x + 1/y + 1/z` is

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If (1 + x)n = C0 + C2x + C2Xn then `"C"_1/"C"_0 + "2C"_2/"C"_1 + "3C"_3/"C"_2+ .......+ "nC"_"n"/"C"_"n-1"` is equal to:

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