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A Night at the Theatre - Role Play Work in Pairs. Below is a Summay of a Discussion Between a Parent and a Child. Read Through the Notes and Decide Who Will Take Which Role. - English Core

Answer in Brief

A Night at the Theatre - Role Play
Work in pairs. Below is a summay of a discussion between a parent and a child. Read through the notes and decide who will take which role. Then act out the role play. You will probably find that you sometimes need to use modals. Backgoround to role play

Role A - Daughter I Son

Yours exams start next week - behind with revision - want to go to theatre to see new play - with friend - his birthday - reduced tickets - good play - need rest from work- find it difficult to concentrate on work.

Role B - Father/ Mother
Disagree with daughter/ son - worried - won't do well in exam - don't want them to waste time - for own good -why not worked hard before - if had worked, could go out after exams.

  • When you have finished, you and your partner should team up with another pair and write the dialogue. Then act it before the class.
  • _________________________________
  • _________________________________
  • _________________________________
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A : Father, Today is the birthday of my friend Ram. I want to go to theatre to see a new play. It’s a good play and the tickets are available at reduced rates.

B : I am surprised at you, son. Your exams start next week. Don’t you know you are behind with revision? How can you think of wasting time in a theatre?

A : You are right. But think about it. Can I go on studying all the time? I need some rest from work and I think it is the proper time to do so.

B : Going to the theatre is not to relax. It will be a waste not of just 3 hours but the whole day. You will keep on thinking about the characters of the play all day.

A : Oh no. I believe that I shall be able to concentrate on the books better after that.

B : You say it because you want to get my permission. Otherwise, you know the truth.

A : Father, think about my friend. This is his birthday and we had planned nfor this day much in advance.

B : Well, you can do what you want. I needn’t keep you against your wish. However, I wish you should have been more careful about your studies.

A : Thanks father. Be sure that I’ll do well in the examination.

Concept: Writing Skill
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CBSE Class 10 English Course Communicative Work Book (Interact in English)
Chapter 11 Modals - Expressing Attitudes (Integrated Grammar practice 6)
Exercise E | Q 3 | Page 211
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