A Myopic Person Has Been Using Spectacles of Power −1.0 Dioptre for Distant Vision. During Old Age He Also Needs to Use Separate Reading Glass of Power + 2.0 Dioptres. Explain What May Have Happened. - Physics

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A myopic person has been using spectacles of power −1.0 dioptre for distant vision. During old age, he also needs to use the separate reading glass of power + 2.0 dioptres. Explain what may have happened.

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The power of the spectacles used by the myopic person, P = −1.0 D

Focal length of the spectacles, `f = 1/P = 1/(-1xx10^(-2)) = -100 cm`

Hence, the far point of the person is 100 cm. He might have a normal near point of 25 cm. When he uses the spectacles, the objects placed at infinity produce virtual images at 100 cm. He uses the ability of accommodation of the eye-lens to see the objects placed between 100 cm and 25 cm.

During old age, the person uses reading glasses of power, `P' = +2D`

The ability of accommodation is lost in old age. This defect is called presbyopia. As a result, he is unable to see clearly the objects placed at 25 cm.

Concept: Optical Instruments - The Eye
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NCERT Class 12 Physics Textbook
Chapter 9 Ray Optics and Optical Instruments
Exercise | Q 26 | Page 348

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