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A Metal Cube is Placed in an Empty Vessel. When Water is Filled in the Vessel So that the Cube is Completely Immersed in the Water, the Force on the Bottom of the Vessel in Contact with the Cube - Physics


A metal cube is placed in an empty vessel. When water is filled in the vessel so that the cube is completely immersed in the water, the force on the bottom of the vessel in contact with the cube


  •  will increase

  •  will decrease

  • will remain the same

  • will become zero

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will remain the same

In the absence of water, the force acting on the bottom of the vessel is due to the air and the cube. Now, when water is filled in the vessel, the force due to the water and the cube is greater. The extra force is balanced by the buoyant force acting on the cube in the upward direction

Concept: Archimedes' Principle
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HC Verma Class 11, 12 Concepts of Physics 1
Chapter 13 Fluid Mechanics
MCQ | Q 14 | Page 272
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