A Mendelian Experiment Consisted of Breeding Tall Pea Plants Bearing Violet Flowers with Short Pea Plants Bearing White Flowers. the Progeny All Bore Violet Flowers, but Almost Half of Them Were Short - Science

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A Mendelian experiment consisted of breeding tall pea plants bearing violet flowers with short pea plants bearing white flowers. The progeny all bore violet flowers, but almost half of them were short. This suggests that the genetic make-up of the tall parent can be depicted as


  • TTWW

  • TTww

  • TtWW

  • TtWw

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Concept: Heredity
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Chapter 9: Heredity and Evolution - Exercises [Page 159]


NCERT Class 10 Science
Chapter 9 Heredity and Evolution
Exercises | Q 1 | Page 159
Lakhmir Singh Class 10 Biology (Science)
Chapter 4 Heredity and Evolution
Exercise 1 | Q 76 | Page 195

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