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A Mechanic Can Open a Nut by Applying a Force of 200 N While Using a Lever Handle of 50 Cm Length. How Long Handle is Required If He Wants to Open It by Applying a Force of Only 50 N? - Physics


A mechanic can open a nut by applying a force of 200 N while using a lever handle of 50 cm length. How long handle is required if he wants to open it by applying a force of only 50 N?

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Given force applied by a mechanic, F = 200 N

length of ever, d = 50 cm = 0.5m

Torque, τ F x d = 200 x 0.5 = 100Nm

Now, if the mechanic applies a force, F' = 50N

let d'be the length of the lever to produce the same torque.

the, τ = F' x d'

⇒ d' = `100/50` = 2 m

Concept: Work, Energy, Power - Relation with Force
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Frank ICSE Class 10 Physics Part 2
Chapter 1 Force, Work, Energy and Power
Exercise 1.1 | Q 5 | Page 14
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