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A Marketer of Colour Tv Having 20% of the Current Market Share of the Country Aims at Enhancing the Market Share to 50 Percent in Next Three Years. - Business Studies

Short Note

A marketer of colour TV having 20% of the current market share of the country aims at enhancing the market share to 50 percent in next three years. For achieving this objective he specified an action programme. Name the function of marketing being discussed above. (Ans. Marketing planning.)

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An important activity or area of work of a marketer is to develop appropriate marketing plans so that the marketing objectives of the organisation can be achieved. For example a marketer of colour TV, having 10 percent of the current market share in the country, aims at enhancing his market share to 20 percent, in the next three years. He will have to develop a complete marketing plan covering various important aspects including the plan for increasing the level of production, promotion of the products, etc. and specify the action programmes to achieve these objectives.

Concept: Marketing Functions
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NCERT Class 12 Business Studies Part 2 - Business Finance and Marketing
Chapter 3 Marketing
Very Short Answer | Q 8 | Page 341
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