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A Man with a Wristwatch on His Hand Falls from the Top of a Tower. Does the Watch Give Correct Time During the Free Fall? - Physics

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Answer the following questions:

A man with a wristwatch on his hand falls from the top of a tower. Does the watch give correct time during the free fall?

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Solution 1

The time shown by the wristwatch of a man falling from the top of a tower is not affected by the fall. Since a wristwatch does not work on the principle of a simple pendulum, it is not affected by the acceleration due to gravity during free fall. Its working depends on spring action.

Solution 2

The wrist watch uses an electronic system or spring system to give the time, which does not change with acceleration due to gravity. Therefore, watch gives the correct time.

Concept: Some Systems Executing Simple Harmonic Motion
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NCERT Class 11 Physics
Chapter 14 Oscillations
Q 16.3 | Page 360

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