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A Man Starts Repaying a Loan as First Installment of Rs. 100. If He Increases the Installment by Rs 5 Every Month, What Amount He Will Pay in the 30th Installment? - Mathematics

A man starts repaying a loan as first installment of Rs. 100. If he increases the installment by Rs 5 every month, what amount he will pay in the 30th installment?

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The first installment of the loan is Rs 100.

The second installment of the loan is Rs 105 and so on.

The amount that the man repays every month forms an A.P.

The A.P. is 100, 105, 110, …

First term, a = 100

Common difference, d = 5

A30 = a + (30 – 1)d

= 100 + (29) (5)

= 100 + 145

= 245

Thus, the amount to be paid in the 30th installment is Rs 245.

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NCERT Class 11 Mathematics Textbook
Chapter 9 Sequences and Series
Q 17 | Page 186
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