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A Man Stands before a Large Wall at a Distance of 50.0 M and Claps His Hands at Regular Intervals. Initially, the Interval is Large. He Gradually Reduces the Interval and Fixes - Physics


A man stands before a large wall at a distance of 50.0 m and claps his hands at regular intervals. Initially, the interval is large. He gradually reduces the interval and fixes it at a value when the echo of a clap merges every 3 seconds, find the velocity of sound in air.

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Distance of the large wall from the man S = 50 m
​He has to clap 10 times in 3 seconds.
So, time interval between two claps will be \[= \frac{3}{10}\text { second }\]

Therefore, the time taken \[\left( t \right)\] by sound to go the wall is \[t = \frac{3}{20}\text { second }\]

\[\text { We  know  that: } \] 

\[\text { Velocity }  v = \frac{S}{t}\]

\[\Rightarrow   v = \frac{50}{\left( \frac{3}{20} \right)} = 333  m/s\]

Hence, the velocity of sound in air is 333 m/s.

Concept: Wave Motion
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HC Verma Class 11, 12 Concepts of Physics 1
Chapter 16 Sound Waves
Q 3 | Page 353
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