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“A Man'S Manners Are a Mirror in Which He Shows His Portrait.” this Quote Highlights the Importance of Good Manners in Life. Write an Article for Your School Magazine on “Good Manners.' You May Use the Following Hints with Your Own Ideas. - English - Language and Literature

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“A man's manners are a mirror in which he shows his portrait.” This quote highlights the importance of good manners in life. Write an article for your school magazine on “Good Manners.' You may use the following hints with your own ideas.

Hints: First step to success − need for good manners − make life easy with politeness − create goodwill − use words like thank you, please, sorry − important words − well mannered people liked by all.

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A possible way to approach to this article can be using the below-mentioned value points:

Good manners are very important in one's life.

They make you a complete person.

A person who has good manners leads a perfect life.

Your manners reflect your upbringing and your attitude towards life.

A well-mannered person is liked by one and all.

Concept: Writing Skill
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