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A Man is Instructed to Carry a Package from the Base Camp at B to Summit a of a Hill at a Height of 1200 Metres. the Man Weighs 800 N and the Package Weighs 200 N. If G = 10 M/S2, - Science

Answer in Brief

A man is instructed to carry a package from the base camp at B to summit A of a hill at a height of 1200 metres. The man weighs 800 N and the package weighs 200 N. If g = 10 m/s2,
how much work does man do against gravity?

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Weight of the man (W1) = 800 N
Weight of the package (W2) = 200 N
Height of hill (h) = 1200 m
Acceleration due to gravity (g) = 10 m/s2 
So total weight,
W = W1 + W2
    = (800 + 200) N
    = 1000 N
We can calculate the work done against gravity as
Work done in lifting a body = Weight of body × Vertical distance
 = 1000 × 1200 J
= 1200 KJ

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Lakhmir Singh Science Class 9 Physics
Chapter 4 Work and energy
Hots Questions | Q 76.1 | Page 149
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