A man earns ₹ 20 on the first day and spends ₹15 on the next day. He again earns ₹20 on the third day and spends ₹15 on the fourth day. - Mathematics


Choose the most appropriate option:

A man earns ₹ 20 on the first day and spends ₹15 on the next day. He again earns ₹20 on the third day and spends ₹15 on the fourth day. If he continues to save in this way, how soon will he have ₹60 in hand?


  • on 12th day

  • on 24th day

  • on 17th day

  • on 27th day



on 17th day


In two days of saving = ₹ 5

Saving in 16 days = ₹ 40

Income on 17th day = ₹ 60

Inhand on 17th day = ₹ 60.

Concept: Percentage, Discount and Partnership (Entrance Exam)
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2015-2016 (May) Set 1


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Choose the most appropriate option:

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