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A Major Insurance Company Handled All Recruiting, Screening and Training Processes for Data Entry/Customer Service Representatives. Their Competitor Was Attracting Most of the - Business Studies

Answer in Brief

A major insurance company handled all recruiting, screening and training processes for data entry/customer service representatives. Their competitor was attracting most of the qualified, potential employees in their market. Recruiting was made even more difficult by the strong economy and the ‘jobseeker’s market.’ This resulted in the client having to choose from candidates who had the ‘soft’ skills needed for the job, but lacked the proper ‘hard’ skills and training.

a. As an HR manager what problems do you see in the company?
b. How do you think it can be resolved and what would be its impact on the company?

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a) The problems that will show up in the company are as follows:-

• Lack of skilled employee

• Unable to provide best solutions to the clients.

• Unsatisfactory maintenance of data

b) The ways in which the problems can be solved are as follows:-

• Proper hard skills training will be implemented.

• Proper database will be maintained by the company to improve the maintenance of data.

• A close interaction between the superior and the new employees.

If the proper training is given to the employees then they will perform according to the expectations of the company and the clients will get timely solutions. The efficiency and productivity of the company will be increased thereby increasing the profit of the organisation.

Concept: Staffing - Recruitment Process
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