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A Magnetic Field of 100 G (1 G = 10−4 T) is Required Which is Uniform in a Region of Linear Dimension About 10 cm and Area of Cross-section About 10^−3 m^2. - Physics

A magnetic field of 100 G (1 G = 10−4 T) is required which is uniform in a region of linear dimension about 10 cm and area of cross-section about 10−3 m2. The maximum current-carrying capacity of a given coil of wire is 15 A and the number of turns per unit length that can be wound round a core is at most 1000 turns m−1. Suggest some appropriate design particulars of a solenoid for the required purpose. Assume the core is not ferromagnetic

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Magnetic field strength, B = 100 G = 100 × 10−4 T

Number of turns per unit length, n = 1000 turns m−1

Current flowing in the coil, I = 15 A

Permeability of free space, `mu_0=4pixx10^-7 TmA^-1`

Magnetic field is given by the relation,


`therefore nI=B/mu_0`


`~~8000 A/m`

If the length of the coil is taken as 50 cm, radius 4 cm, number of turns 400, and current 10 A, then these values are not unique for the given purpose. There is always a possibility of some adjustments with limits.

Concept: Solenoid and the Toroid - the Solenoid
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NCERT Class 12 Physics Textbook
Chapter 4 Moving Charges and Magnetism
Q 15 | Page 170
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