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A Long Wait for the Bus — People Impatient — a Large Crowd — a Lot of Confusion — Felt the Pocket Being Touched — Looked Around — Caught the Hand — And……….. - English - Communicative


Answer in Brief

In 200-250 words write a story based on the input given below :

A long wait for the bus - people impatient - a large crowd - a lot of confusion - felt the pocket being touched - looked around - caught the hand - and _____________.


Bus Diaries 

I decided to travel by bus that day to my office. I entered the bus depot where there was a long queue & people were waiting for the bus to arrive. Everybody seemed impatient as it was too long & the bus didn’t arrive. Gradually, a large crowd could be seen & it was a busy way. Many of them looked confused about whether to wait for the bus or use another mode of transport. I was standing in the queue busy listening to music on my phone. Suddenly I realized that the guy standing behind me was trying to stand too close to me. I requested him once to keep a distance & continued listening to music. After a while, I felt somebody tried touching my pocket hence I turned around & caught the hand of that guy in my pocket. I caught him red-handed pick-pocketing. We had a small argument there & even the public supported me. Then, I decided to handover this guy to the police officer & deal legally with him.

Concept: Writing Skill
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