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A Liquid is Contained in a Vertical Tube of Semicircular Cross Section. the Contact Angle is Zero. the Force of Surface Tension on the Curved Part and on the Flat Part Are in Ratio - Physics


A liquid is contained in a vertical tube of semicircular cross section. The contact angle is zero. The force of surface tension on the curved part and on the flat part are in ratio


  • 1:1

  •  1:2

  • π:2

  • 2:π

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Let the height of the liquid-filled column be L.
Let the radius be denoted by R.

\[\text{ Total perimeter of the curved part = semi - circumference of upper area }= \pi r \]

\[\text{ Total surface tension force } = \pi RS\]

\[\text{ Total perimeter of the flat part = 2R } \]

\[\text{ Total surface tension force = 2RS }\]

\[\text{ Ratio of curved surface force to flat surface force } = \frac{\pi RS}{2RS} = \frac{\pi}{2}\]


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HC Verma Class 11, 12 Concepts of Physics 1
Chapter 14 Some Mechanical Properties of Matter
MCQ | Q 5 | Page 299
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