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A Liquid Compound X of Molecular Mass 18 U Can Be Obtained from a Number of Natural Sources. All the Animals and Plants Need Liquid X for Their Survival. When - Science

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Short Note

A liquid compound X of molecular mass 18 u can be obtained from a number of natural sources. All the animals and plants need liquid X for their survival. When an electric current is passed through 200 grams of pure liquid X under suitable conditions, then 178 grams of gas Y and 22 grams of gas Z are produced. Gas Y is produced at the positive electrode whereas gas Z is obtained at the negative electrode. Moreover, gas Y supports combustion whereas gas Z burns itself causing explosions.

  1. Name (i) liquid X (ii) gas Y, and (iii) gas Z.
  2. What is the ratio of the mass of element Z to the mass of element Y in the liquid X ?
  3. Which law of chemical combination is illustrated by this example ?
  4. Name two sources of liquid X.
  5. State an important use of Y in our life.
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(i) Liquid X is water (H2O).
     (ii) Gas Y is oxygen.
    (iii) Gas Z is hydrogen.

The ratio of element Z to element Y by mass = 22:178
Therefore, ratio of Z : Y by mass = 1:8

The law of constant proportions is illustrated by this example.

Liquid X has already been stated as water. Oceans and rivers are the important sources of water on earth.

Y, oxygen, is essential for our survival. We breathe in oxygen during respiration.

Concept: Ions (Radicals) and Its Types
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Lakhmir Singh Class 9 Chemistry - Science Part 2
Chapter 3 Atoms and Molecules
Hots Questions | Q 80 | Page 132
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